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[Friends] [17 Aug 2004|02:28am]
[ mood | pensive ]

Well, I've finally gone past my limit. I've had too much! I had initially brought with me a shitload of junkfood in my bag, and of course I ate about half of it right away. But by the time I finished a majority of the second half... I really was sick of it. No, I didn't get sick. I just got bored of it, if that would be the right word..

So! Today I took a stroll around the city. I bought a few things to eat and all, which I put in the fridge. I'm thinking Eiri won't mind too much, given it's just a small part of the vast space in that thing. ^_^;; [You really should be eating more, aniki. ._.;; Just beer and tea and smoking, it won't do you any good.]

I guess I had just needed to get out. With the exception of the train ride, I hadn't been outside in what felt like months! @_@ Then again, given what Father did, it probably had been that long, literally. ~_~ So, it was nice to get out for a while.

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[Private] [16 Aug 2004|04:46pm]
So it's only been a few days since I stopped by. To be honest, I'm slightly surprised that he hasn't kicked my ass out. Of course, it's not like I would go back to Kyoto, but I'm sure you know that already, ne aniki? Heh.

So, today, to insure at least a few more days at this place, I moved my stuff to one corner of the living room. Never did realize how many cords this thing used. -_- Maybe that will at least make my brother pleased, or whatever. It's not like we can even talk anymore. At least not like we used to.

And if Mika even tries to take me home, she'd better expect a full out brawl if she thinks I'll be going back to that old fart. ~_~
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[Public] I wonder what this button does . . . [13 Aug 2004|05:19pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

Ah, my beloved laptop, how I missed thee. I finally got this whole journal thing set up and all. Of course, now aniki is all paranoid~ just because I happened to see the opening page to this site here. ;p It's really not that big of a deal, bro.

This thing is rather neat though. ::ponders:: Still am trying to figure out a few things, but it's all good, yes?

But the damn connection... I want the concert to download faster..!! It's..it's only at 10% after nearly a DAY! ;_; Before long, I just know Nittle Grasper will perform again! Then I'll be behind. >_<

Though I guess I have nothing to really complain about, if I think of it. I mean hey, I have my stuff back, I'm out of that hell hole known as my HOUSE, and fuck yeah..Tokyo! ::laughs:: Thanks again, dear aniki. ;)

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